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Lucky (the Puppy Place #15)

Rating Rating 4 Stars
Lucky the Puppy Place 15


Author: Ellen Miles

Charles finds a lost puppy during a backyard camping trip. Can he and his new friend David find Lucky a home?
Lucky the Puppy Place #15 is a wonderful children's book. Written by Ellen Miles and it was published sometime in February of 2010 by Scholastic. The paperback book is focused on Lost and found possessions along with Dogs, Foster care of animals and Puppies and is perceived as positive juvenile fiction. The children's book is 86 pages long. To see the great deal I found, check out our store add to cart button below.

Charles faces a super-sized challenge when torrential rain and an injured pup take his camping trip by storm! Was that a puppy out there, all alone in the storm? Can they bring each other any luck? The subsequent day, Charles and David find the stray, injured mixed-breed puppy, win his trust, and get him to the vet. Charles and his shy new friend David are camping out in the backyard when a big storm blows in. They make a dash for the house-but not before Charles sees a pair of eyes glowing within the night. Will this Benji look-alike be lucky enough to survive and find a home? He's very sick, and the vet is not sure she can conserve him.


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