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Over My Dead Body (43 Old Cemetery Road)

Rating Rating 4 Stars
Over My Dead Body


Author: Kate Klise

Your child will love this cool book by Kate Klise. The author is Kate Klise and it was published by Sandpiper. It was available on bookshelves sometime in 2011. The book is 128 pages long. It's 0.34" Height x 7.69" Length x 5.1" Width. It has a weight of 0.26 lbs. To get your own personal print of this children's book, visit the button.

The news from Ghastly, Illinois, is grave— and that's a thing to laugh about! Dick Tater is not convinced. ” Ignatius B. Grumply tries to explain to Dick Tater, the head of IMSPOOKY, that he and Seymour are inside a lovely living arrangement with the ghost of Olive C. Spence. But this clever trio can't be broken up as very easily as he imagines.. The International Movement for the Safety and Protection Of Our Kids and Youth (IMSPOOKY) dictates that Seymour can not reside in the mansion at 43 Old Cemetery Road “ with out the benefit of parents.


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